Friday, May 11, 2012

I be Hacking, they be hate'n: Weekly tech bolg: week 1

I have been supper busy with college but sense my semester is just a few days from being over i need to something to fill my free time. So i have deiced to write a weekly blog about the daily life of a self proclaimed hacker. This weeks might me more of a rant then anything informative.

When I post online about my phone having issues its more of a psa in case someone is trying to call me. I don't care if haters want to tell me i should not mess with my phone because it might brick it. im sad that you are afraid of the the little computer in your pocket, however Im not. Telling me to stop hacking is like tell a mechanic to stop working on cars because his own car might break down. its points less. I have been modding phones for over 3 years now and its a game where you never stop learning. It is common for hacked roms to have a few issues its part of testing software. On top of that i have taking things apart and learning about how they work, modding them, and fixing them sense i was a kid. Modding is in my blood its why im an engineer by trade. there is no other way for me to live its that simple. so go a head and hate i will be over here modding and hacking away.

Tetris Monkey

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