Saturday, February 8, 2014

Chasing Phoenix

Im a Hacker most of my friends know that and I take this name with great honor and work very hard at it. However my Hacking did not start with Computers, I mean i have been around computers most of my life i learned to type on a apple 2 when i was 8 years old and played games on computers growing up. I learned a little about the basics over time but my true skills did not really take shape to about 5 years ago when i picked up my first smart phone. but Im getting off to a different story. This is about a project to learn more about computers from the ground up. which started with wanting to build my own desktop. For the last 10 years I have owned Laptops and most of those were used and outdated. And i have built a few desktops for friends but never had one of my own because they can cost a lot of money. Well just about a year ago I picked up a windows 98 desktop from a family member that need me to get some photos off the PC then i could keep it. This was my chance to build a free PC. Now windows 98 PCs are far behind anything we have not and can not handle window 7 or even xp for that matter. However then can run Linux which is another OS i have been wanting to learn.

Project Phoenix
This 98PC started me on a project that I have named Phoenix because out of ashes of dead computers a new desktop as come to life.