Friday, March 7, 2014

Android on The RPI FAIL!!!

So last night I got to thinking has anyone tried to run Android on the Raspberry PI... I found some builds and after a little trail and error we have success. I take no credit for this work just testing it out.
Its very slow and this is 2.3.7 they have 4.0 build (team razdroid) but it has not been released to the public so will have to follow this project

Build 2.3.7 can't wait to they put out 4.0 or even 4.4 with only 512 need for kitkat it should be possible to run the latest android on the Raspberry Pi

its a bad picture but the mouse and keyboard are fully functional the scroll wheel event works to scroll through menus see blue highlight

there is a setting for the ethernet and it is set to "off" but even after changing the internet was still inactive must not be working

setting menu

file manager

Notification bar

app menus very few apps no market and no other google apps but its a start
basic home screen

next is the test build of 4.0 and this is where the true fail begins

Well that was a fun test to bad all it did was crash so much for 4.0 Android on Raspberry Pi

for more fails in hacking be sure to fallow my blog


Hack A Day sample Fail of the week

This Fail of the Week project comes from Hack A Day a Reader [Tetrismonkey]
[Tetrismonkey] is the proud new owner of A Raspberry Pi and has been on a mission to learn everything about the little system on a chip and what it can do. In this blog he writes of a fun little test to run Android everyone's favorite little green robot on the Raspberry Pi. However he learns very fast why this project has been dead for more then 2 years now. Because in short the system runs slow and is unusable. Now this is not [Tetrismonkey] android build just one he found online and wanted to flash and see how it ran. [Tetrismonkey] was able to find a few different version and tested out both 2.3.7 Gingerbread, and 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Both booted with a little trial and error, but very soon crashed. Here are some pictures


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Chasing Phoenix

Im a Hacker most of my friends know that and I take this name with great honor and work very hard at it. However my Hacking did not start with Computers, I mean i have been around computers most of my life i learned to type on a apple 2 when i was 8 years old and played games on computers growing up. I learned a little about the basics over time but my true skills did not really take shape to about 5 years ago when i picked up my first smart phone. but Im getting off to a different story. This is about a project to learn more about computers from the ground up. which started with wanting to build my own desktop. For the last 10 years I have owned Laptops and most of those were used and outdated. And i have built a few desktops for friends but never had one of my own because they can cost a lot of money. Well just about a year ago I picked up a windows 98 desktop from a family member that need me to get some photos off the PC then i could keep it. This was my chance to build a free PC. Now windows 98 PCs are far behind anything we have not and can not handle window 7 or even xp for that matter. However then can run Linux which is another OS i have been wanting to learn.

Project Phoenix
This 98PC started me on a project that I have named Phoenix because out of ashes of dead computers a new desktop as come to life.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Accessories the more the better, Weekly tech blog: week 3

As a smart phone hacker i have picked up a lot of accessories and explain what they are for i will start with the top left first you will see a smart phone Micro Sd card and a card adapter, this is very basic i use a 16gb class 4 micro sd card for my phone. Just under the micro sd card is micro USB flash drive 16gb this little guy holds all my ROM, and other Hacking software,  Just under the flash drive is a micro sd card to usb converter. this converter is a must if you are a hacker there are many times you need to move ROM to a sd card this really saves me when a ROM fails to flash and i have to try a different ROM. Next to the Micro sd card is my head phones nothing special about these but they are the rap around ear style which works great. next to the head phones is a male to male head phone cable. My phone is my only portable music device i use it everywhere next to that is a mono to stereo head phone cable once again used for music both in my truck and for my home stereo system. just be low the mono to stereo cable is my cell phone ear piece and its charger I use a Jaw Bone Aliph Prime in ear bud. just below that is a solar charger and its cables. I don't know what model it is i got it on ebay but it does not work well and i have not really used it. When buying a solar charger be sure to spend more then 10$ because i got what i paid for. when i upgrade i will be sure to update this blog under the solar charger is spare batteries. I own 3 batteries for my phone they come in handy when if you use a smart phone as much as i do and they were only about 6$ a piece on Ebay. to the right of the batteries is charger for just the batteries. To the left of the batteries are a is my main USB cable its a gold tipped 18" cable I also have a retractable usb cable that i often use in my car. last is the wall usb adapter and the double usb car adapter what i love about this is i can charge my cell and my headset at the same time always good to have lots of usb ports. the last item are my smart gloves. They are maid to use with a smart phone by carrying the electrical current from hand to the touch screen.    

Friday, May 18, 2012

learning while hacking , Weekly tech bolg: week 2

I often get asked why how I learned how to Hack cellphones. The answer is I'm still learning while I'm hacking. Almost 4 years ago I upgraded to my first smart phone. It was a windows mobile phone because Android was not out yet and I didn't want an Iphone. There a few problems with the UI of the old Windows Mobile 6 it was really built for a stylus and but it had a touch screen. However what I really hated was that Verizon had decide to lock down the GPS navigation radio and if you paid a monthly fee they would unlock it. Now the idea that I have to pay extra for an tool built into my phone is unreasoning so I stared looking into how I could unlock it myself and I after a lot of research I found a few howto's and just went for it. It took a few tries and but it worked and i have been learning ever sense. I have rooted more phones then i can remember, I have installed custom, kernels, radios, and recoveries, I have beta tested for both apps and ROMs, I have walked friends through their first Roots, ROM, etc. I have be come the go to for all my friends on all smart phones issues. I have fixed broken phones replaced parts in my own phone, and even bricked a few phones thankfully only my own. All this and I still have a lot to learn.
These are some of the things i still plan to learn.
1. How to use Linux
2. How to build my own custom ROMs 

I would would advice anyone that wants to to try rooting an android phone to just go for it you will not regret learning something new and pushing yourself.

Friday, May 11, 2012

I be Hacking, they be hate'n: Weekly tech bolg: week 1

I have been supper busy with college but sense my semester is just a few days from being over i need to something to fill my free time. So i have deiced to write a weekly blog about the daily life of a self proclaimed hacker. This weeks might me more of a rant then anything informative.

When I post online about my phone having issues its more of a psa in case someone is trying to call me. I don't care if haters want to tell me i should not mess with my phone because it might brick it. im sad that you are afraid of the the little computer in your pocket, however Im not. Telling me to stop hacking is like tell a mechanic to stop working on cars because his own car might break down. its points less. I have been modding phones for over 3 years now and its a game where you never stop learning. It is common for hacked roms to have a few issues its part of testing software. On top of that i have taking things apart and learning about how they work, modding them, and fixing them sense i was a kid. Modding is in my blood its why im an engineer by trade. there is no other way for me to live its that simple. so go a head and hate i will be over here modding and hacking away.

Tetris Monkey

Sunday, June 5, 2011

reset to stock

For every phone that i mod there are always tricks to set it back to stock. today that is just what i had to do, and i learned a lot from it. Remember that smart phones are more computers than they are phones and if your speaker goes out or you charging port goes bad, or what ever issues you have u can back up all your apps, all your contacts, your text messages and ring tones. Even for a phone that has never been moded, don't worry about asking my for help.
i don't have to mod your phone to teach everything you need to know about it.

The basic lesson from this post is never give a moded phone back to your phone carrier, let me set it back to stock and they will never know.