Sunday, June 5, 2011

reset to stock

For every phone that i mod there are always tricks to set it back to stock. today that is just what i had to do, and i learned a lot from it. Remember that smart phones are more computers than they are phones and if your speaker goes out or you charging port goes bad, or what ever issues you have u can back up all your apps, all your contacts, your text messages and ring tones. Even for a phone that has never been moded, don't worry about asking my for help.
i don't have to mod your phone to teach everything you need to know about it.

The basic lesson from this post is never give a moded phone back to your phone carrier, let me set it back to stock and they will never know.

Friday, May 27, 2011

will mod your phone for FREE

When i stated Moding cell phones it was only my own phone that i worked on. However in the last few months i have worked on lots of different phones for my friends. And in doing so i have been asked what i charge for my services.
so here is the simple answer i do this work for free.
the reason being that all the software i use for moding is created but others and given to the moding community for free under the ideals of open source, therefor it would be against the ethics of open source for me to charge money for what i do. also i get help from moders and developers that are more knowledgeable then i am and they don't charge ether. However most developers do will take donations and i have donated from time to time.
If you feel the need to donate to me for the time it takes for me to find the mod you want and run it on your phone, know that i will not take money. however if you would like to buy me lunch while i work i will gladly take that
Hope this helps to answer your questions

standing on a pile of bricks

So its been a few weeks sense i have made a blog post and in the last month i have had a number of problems with both soft bricking and Hard bricking of my cell phone and i also soft bricked my friends droid X. when it comes to customizing cell phones soft bricking (the phone is stuck in a low level mode and cannot boot into normal operating mode) is a part of life and something that happens to all cell phone moders from time to time, there are countless guides for each and every cell phone model to bring the phone back from a soft brick. and i was able to fix both my phone and my friends phone after a soft brick. However Hard bricking (the phone becomes nothing more than a paper wight) means its time for a new phone. thankfully the 2 times i have hard bricked my phone Verizon has replaced it for free and did not ask to many questions. Hard Bricking is not something that happens often and i have found that bad USB ports can cause all kinds of problems. also using out dated system like windows xp when the steps for the mod you want are made for windows 7 even if the mod has been tested on xp.

when it comes to moding cell phones there is a lot of risk involved but i love doing it and have no plans of stopping. For those that i have helped you know about the advantages to having an unlocked phone. as for everyone else if you like your stock phone, and it works for you that is great, keep it. i am not about to force you into letting me mod your phone.

smart phones are not so much phones as they are pocket size computers and their is a lot to learn about them so if you have questions on Android even just question on everyday things like changing your ring tones fell free to as me i do know a lot.

Some pointers on how to avoid the brickyard
1 read. Read as much as you can about the mod you want to do to your phone and understand what can go wrong and how to fix it if it does go wrong
2. Ask. if you are unsure of what you are about to mod ask lots of questions
3. Make sure you have the right connection. Use only oem usb cables with no damage, use good usb ports, and make sure you have the right drivers for your phone
4. Battery life, make sure you have full battery on your phone before any mod is run because most will use a lot of power and if your battery die while a mod is in progress your phone will be at least soft bricked
5. Good files. Sometime files are no good just download the file again or for another link
6. Back up. Always have a back up ur apps and roms just encase things go dad you can get your phone back to where it was before you started

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Terms to know when hacking phones

Android- My operating system of choices build by Google to compete with Apples IOS
android is an open sources Linux basic system use by lots of phone carries, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-mobile and phone manufacturer, Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG, etc (basically any smart phone that is not a blackberry, Palm, Microsoft or Apple)

Root- a process that allows for access to privileged system controls, needed as a first step for all phone hacking and also used by many apps found in the android market, examples: wifi tether, app backup programs, etc

Super user- all apps that need Root access have to be granted the right by the app know as Super user this way you know when an app needs root and you have more control.

Android Kernel- based on the Linux open source Kernel it is a bridge between applications and the actual data processing done at the hardware level

Stock Rom - is the version of the phone’s operating system that comes with your phone when you buy it.

Custom Rom - is a fully standalone version of the OS, including the kernel (which makes everything run), apps, services, etc – everything you need to operate the device, except it’s customized by someone in some way.

Radio/ modems - GPS, 3g data, etc there is both a hardware and software side to the many Radios and modems that all phones use and there is often custom software for these Radios

stock Recovery - a text based system menu used to reset the phone to stock, meaning it can delete all apps and set the phone back to the way you bought it

Custom Recovery- used to load custom Roms, Kernels, Radios, and has a lot more opposition then stock recovery

Theme- custom Icons and, and menus text colors used to change the UI of the phone

Friday, March 18, 2011

Phone Hacking background

So I have been getting a lot of questions from friends about the Hacking smart phones. So I have decided to start blogging about the things i do, I'm not really sure anyone will read this but maybe it will help some of my friends who want to get into Hacking smart phones themselves. I have been hacking smart phones for 3 years now and where as I have learned a lot I am not a developer meaning I do not create any of the software I use. I simply use software that other build. the website I use is XDA-developers and here is the link
XDA has been around for many years and is by far the best place to find all the phone hacks you want they service both Android phones and Windows phones, they also have a site just for I-phone