Friday, May 18, 2012

learning while hacking , Weekly tech bolg: week 2

I often get asked why how I learned how to Hack cellphones. The answer is I'm still learning while I'm hacking. Almost 4 years ago I upgraded to my first smart phone. It was a windows mobile phone because Android was not out yet and I didn't want an Iphone. There a few problems with the UI of the old Windows Mobile 6 it was really built for a stylus and but it had a touch screen. However what I really hated was that Verizon had decide to lock down the GPS navigation radio and if you paid a monthly fee they would unlock it. Now the idea that I have to pay extra for an tool built into my phone is unreasoning so I stared looking into how I could unlock it myself and I after a lot of research I found a few howto's and just went for it. It took a few tries and but it worked and i have been learning ever sense. I have rooted more phones then i can remember, I have installed custom, kernels, radios, and recoveries, I have beta tested for both apps and ROMs, I have walked friends through their first Roots, ROM, etc. I have be come the go to for all my friends on all smart phones issues. I have fixed broken phones replaced parts in my own phone, and even bricked a few phones thankfully only my own. All this and I still have a lot to learn.
These are some of the things i still plan to learn.
1. How to use Linux
2. How to build my own custom ROMs 

I would would advice anyone that wants to to try rooting an android phone to just go for it you will not regret learning something new and pushing yourself.

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