Friday, May 25, 2012

Accessories the more the better, Weekly tech blog: week 3

As a smart phone hacker i have picked up a lot of accessories and explain what they are for i will start with the top left first you will see a smart phone Micro Sd card and a card adapter, this is very basic i use a 16gb class 4 micro sd card for my phone. Just under the micro sd card is micro USB flash drive 16gb this little guy holds all my ROM, and other Hacking software,  Just under the flash drive is a micro sd card to usb converter. this converter is a must if you are a hacker there are many times you need to move ROM to a sd card this really saves me when a ROM fails to flash and i have to try a different ROM. Next to the Micro sd card is my head phones nothing special about these but they are the rap around ear style which works great. next to the head phones is a male to male head phone cable. My phone is my only portable music device i use it everywhere next to that is a mono to stereo head phone cable once again used for music both in my truck and for my home stereo system. just be low the mono to stereo cable is my cell phone ear piece and its charger I use a Jaw Bone Aliph Prime in ear bud. just below that is a solar charger and its cables. I don't know what model it is i got it on ebay but it does not work well and i have not really used it. When buying a solar charger be sure to spend more then 10$ because i got what i paid for. when i upgrade i will be sure to update this blog under the solar charger is spare batteries. I own 3 batteries for my phone they come in handy when if you use a smart phone as much as i do and they were only about 6$ a piece on Ebay. to the right of the batteries is charger for just the batteries. To the left of the batteries are a is my main USB cable its a gold tipped 18" cable I also have a retractable usb cable that i often use in my car. last is the wall usb adapter and the double usb car adapter what i love about this is i can charge my cell and my headset at the same time always good to have lots of usb ports. the last item are my smart gloves. They are maid to use with a smart phone by carrying the electrical current from hand to the touch screen.    

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