Friday, March 7, 2014

Android on The RPI FAIL!!!

So last night I got to thinking has anyone tried to run Android on the Raspberry PI... I found some builds and after a little trail and error we have success. I take no credit for this work just testing it out.
Its very slow and this is 2.3.7 they have 4.0 build (team razdroid) but it has not been released to the public so will have to follow this project

Build 2.3.7 can't wait to they put out 4.0 or even 4.4 with only 512 need for kitkat it should be possible to run the latest android on the Raspberry Pi

its a bad picture but the mouse and keyboard are fully functional the scroll wheel event works to scroll through menus see blue highlight

there is a setting for the ethernet and it is set to "off" but even after changing the internet was still inactive must not be working

setting menu

file manager

Notification bar

app menus very few apps no market and no other google apps but its a start
basic home screen

next is the test build of 4.0 and this is where the true fail begins

Well that was a fun test to bad all it did was crash so much for 4.0 Android on Raspberry Pi

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